Girl Crush! The MAMAMOO fanlisting

I say mama MAMAMOO!

어서 오세요! Hello, you've found yourself at Girl Crush, the TFL.Org-approved fanlisting for one of the most talented and eclectic girl groups that has ever existed in Kpop -- the divine quartet that is MAMAMOO! Formed by Rainbow Bridge World in 2014, MAMAMOO -- consisting of leader Solar (Kim Yong-sun), Moonbyul (Moon Byul-yi), Wheein (Jung Whee-in), and fatal lioness maknae Hwasa (Ahn Hye-jin) are known for their powerful honey vocals and glorious harmonies which also shine when performing live, magnetic and commanding stage presence, and sunshine-y, beagle-esque personalities! Although coming from humble and difficult beginnings, MAMAMOO have proven themselves time and time again and MOOMOOs like myself adore them to absolutely no end! If you're a fan of these four lovely ladies, won't you consider joining their fanlisting? ♥

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