Along the Giggle Trail; the OLIVIA fanlisting

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こんにちは and hello there! You've found yourself at along the giggle trail, the TFL.Org-approved fanlisting for the creative force that is singer/songwriter, artist, crafter, designer, and all around ray of rainbow light OLIVIA (also known to the world as Olivia Lufkin!) Starting out her musical journey as part of idol group D&D, OLIVIA has since evolved into a musical artist with her very own distinctive, wild and playful vibe. Though Olivia's been on a musical semi-hiatus, she and her husband Owen Vallis blessed us with the collaborative electronica project We Are Brave Spirits in 2022, and Livey herself is still living a vibrantly creative life, as shown by her work on her apparel label of the same name, and chronicled in her uplifting Instagram acount. If you're also a fan of this amazing lady and all her wonderful creations, especially musical, won't you join her fanlisting? ♥


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