Weirdcute - the sea bunny fanlisting

How Strange!

Hello, welcome to Weirdcute, the approved fanlisting for the very weird, but very very adorable nudibranch species Jorunna parva -- more commonly known as sea bunnies! If you're intrigued or just plain moved into fits of squee with these adorable little sea slugs, please consider adding your name to the list of fans!

Are you a fan of sea cows, too? If that's the case, please do visit my fanlisting for manatees, Maybe Mermaids, and dugongs, Sirens in the Seagrass!

Please note: this fanlisting will be entirely functional, albeit look rather bare bones for what I hope is a short while, while I overcome serious illness. Thank you for your patience and please look forward to Weirdcute's future incarnations! ♥