An Audacity of Dragons; the Temeraire/His Majesty's Dragon fanlisting

"Laurence, I've been thinking..."

Welcome to An Audacity of Dragons, the TFL-approved fanlisting for the wonderful Temeraire series of books, written by Naomi Novik. Set in an alternate history where dragons both exist and have been tamed by humankind, the series tells the story of the eponymous Temeraire, a curious and determined Chinese Celestial dragon. Captured as a prize (while he was still in the egg!) from the French by the English ship HMS Reliant, under the captaincy of the stoic but noble-hearted William Laurence, two pair bond unexpectedly and their destinies are changed irrevocably as the unlikely pair become members of the none-too-highly regarded British Aerial Corps. If you're a fan of this gripping and enjoyable alt-history series, please do join the fanlisting!

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