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Hello, welcome to Charmed, a fanlisting collective! Here is the home for all my fanlistings that are underneath TheFanlistings.Org's jurisdiction. Feel free to browse around, join the ones you love, or add your details to the KIM list! ♥ (Psst? Fan of me? (〃▽〃)♡)

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FluffiestSirens in the SeagrassPink Flamenco RiotShe'll Be RightThe Littlest SeafarersMaybe MermaidsWeirdcuteUniverstar!Jacaranda River CityCourageousThe Colour BetweenPrism PenultimateHooked!Champagne Bubbly Twinkle SparksThorn Necklaces and Jewelled SwordsSailor's GemCarribean BlueMythic FireNot So StarstruckFair NymphThis Fleeting WorldA Man of the ArcticEveTransienceWe Are Friends!ImmortalWilful SpriteGlowin' UpWonderseeker!A Great and Fortuitous PortentCredoEver UntamedArcanaPure MagicNeifionBeneath Fated StarsJust a Common FairyGolden PuddingFeel Like SoLittle StarLittle Rival Moon!Elegance and EtiquetteJust StardustAn Audacity of DragonsWings of HopeNew HistoryLuckwearerJewelsmithFalmalinnarWatch the Queen ConquerWorld Spins Madly OnNow and For AlwaysStar of RadianceValourDaughter of TwilightEternal LamentChiefest and Greatest of CalamitiesA Shot in the DarkSnow After FireMythopoeiaCyningRaisin GirlEvolution!Heralds of SpringtimeLigneous IridescenceWorth It

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