Kagerou is a collective of fanlistings under the jurisdiction of TFL.Org, no more, but certainly no less ♥ It's a subsite of the greater Wings network, and is a sister site to H☆shi.NU (where all my fanlistings governed by TAFL live, along with some other bits and pieces!). The collective and the listings in it are powered by Enthusiast [Robotess Fork] and CodeSort [Robotess Fork].


The first fanlisting I ever made was way back in 2004, and I've been running various listings since then, although Kagerou didn't exist until late 2020 when I started indulging in the hobby a little more intensely, thanks to the advent of the spicy cough and the various lockdowns that come of it. It was originally titled Charmed, which at the time suited me as it was simple and cute.


'Kagerou' (かげろう) is a Japanese word that can mean various things, depending on the kanji (Chinese characters) used to spell it: mayfly, dragonfly, ephemeral thing, or heat haze. It's something of a pun, in a manner of speaking...so which meaning applies to this collective? Goodness me, who knows...^~

Why was it chosen? Well, Japanese is my second language (and the focus of my major at school), and I wanted a word that could work as a more creative title and was reflective of my own self and interests...and Kagerou works on both levels!